ANZSPM facilitates professional development and support for its members, promotes the practice of Palliative Medicine and advocates for those who work in the field of palliative medicine.

Part of ANZSPM's core business is to provide a variety of continuous professional development activities to support and educate medical practitioners working in, or with an interest in, palliative medicine.

Our society embraces the definition of Palliative Medicine adopted in Great Britain in 1987. This is quoted in the opening pages in Doyle's Oxford Textbook of Palliative Medicine - "Palliative Medicine is the study and management of patients with active, progressive, far-advanced disease for whom the prognosis is limited and the focus of care is the quality of life".

Our Mission

To promote excellence in Palliative Medicine and to foster the professional development of doctors who practise Palliative Medicine.

Our Vision

To be the driving force of Palliative Medicine in Australia and New Zealand

Our Values

Our Aspirations

We aspire to:


ANZSPM is governed by a Council made up of elected and appointed members, with at least two members being from New Zealand and the New Zealand Branch Chair being an automatic appointee.

ANZSPM's New Zealand Branch conducts business specific to New Zealand and is managed by an Executive team elected by New Zealand members.

No more than three members of the Council can be from any one State or New Zealand.

The President of the Chapter of Palliative Medicine is an ex officio (non voting) member of ANZSPM Council.

ANZSPM Council

Name Office
Prof Meera AgarPresident
Dr Carol DouglasVice President (Immediate Past President)
Dr Derek Eng Treasurer
Dr David HoldenSecretary
Dr Salina IupatiAppointed councillor (NZ Branch Chair)
Dr Leeroy WilliamGeneral councillor
Dr Chi LiGeneral councillor
Dr Astrid AdamsGeneral councillor
Dr Emily CooperGeneral councillor, Trainee Representative
Dr Simon AllanEx Officio as President AChPM, Coopted Councillor

ANZSPM Aotearoa (New Zealand) Branch Executive

Name Office
Dr Salina Iupati Chair
VACANT Deputy Chair
Dr Rachel Wiseman Treasurer
Dr Amanda SomerfeldtCommittee member
Dr Jane GrevilleCommittee member
Dr Moira Cunningham Committee member
Dr Astrid AdamsCommittee member
Dr Vicki Jones Coopted Trainee Representative


ANZSPM's operational activities are managed by a small staff based in Canberra ACT, including Chief Executive Officer Simone Carton.