ANZSPM Education Committee

Chair: Dr Christine Mott 

In May 2022, a small working group (Dr Christine Mott (Chair); Dr Amy Waters; Dr Catherine D’Souza) met at ANZSPM Council’s request to discuss the establishment of a Committee of Council to advise on ways to improve palliative medicine education in Australia and Aotearoa.

Committee Objectives: Immediate Objectives 

- To consider the RACP Trainee Curriculum for Palliative Medicine and to identify any gaps in educational supports as well as any overlaps (eg Advanced Trainee needs and CPD are likely to overlap).

- To identify the ways in which ANZSPM might contribute to filling these gaps (for example through its program of webinars). Potential gaps in education offerings may be around such issues as business practice, communications, ethics, legal frameworks, as well as around medical interventions including updates to treatment, and when and how to apply them. 

- To investigate the applicability of the ‘’Project Echo” hub and spoke model of education to Palliative Medicine education

- To map the various key stakeholder groups for this exercise in both countries (RACP; RACGP; RNZCGP; nursing groups; other relevant specialties; allied health) and consider best means of linking with these groups for both development and dissemination of educational offerings. RACGP, for example, has been active in working with other Specialties to address training gaps in those Specialties. Advocacy will be important, in order to drive the Education Program with groups beyond the Specialty.

Committee Objects: Long Term 

- Map out a set of principles to guide ANZSPM educational activities into the future.

-  Connect the ANZSPM program with the RACP and other relevant formal training programs for palliative medicine.

Click the PDF link below for the terms of reference. 

DownloadANZSPM Educational Committee (PDF File - 291k)