ANZSPM Guidance - palliative care in the COVID-19 context

The following guidance documents have been produced to support healthcare professionals in their understanding of COVID-19 context palliative care. 

The documents were prepared through the contributions of the ANZSPM COVID-19 Special Interest Group (COVID-19 SIG). They are intended to provide high level guidance for healthcare professionals. 

ANZSPM is grateful for the immense effort over a short period by the following volunteer members of the COVID-19 SIG

Peter Allcroft, Pippa Blackburn, Jessica Borbasi, Kim Caldwell, Michael Chapman (Chair), Katarzyna Chmiel, Maria Cigolini, Alexandra Clinch, Adrian Dabschenck, Carol Douglas, Christopher Hall, Helen James, Carly Kiani, Antony Kodsi, Sophia Lam, Wei Lee, Chenlei-Kelly Li, Carol McAllum, Anna Morgan, Christine Mott, Andrew Ng, Michael Noel, Alison Parr, Jane Phillips, Umbreen Qazi, Beth Russell, Meg Sands, Odette Spruijt, Patrick Steele, Lynn Twigley, Amanda Vo, Peter Whan and Jo Wood

These documents are subject to change and will be reviewed regularly as the situation evolves. Please check back to this page regularly for the most up-to-date versions. 

DownloadPalliative Care in the COVID-19 context (version 1, April 2020) (PDF File - 204k)
Palliative Care Communication in the COVID-19 context (version 1, April 2020) (PDF File - 452k)
Pandemic-Context Palliative Care triage - a response to COVID-19 (version 1, April 2020) (PDF File - 271k)
Solutions to supply and access issues for palliative care medication during COVID-19 (version 1, April 2020) (PDF File - 370k)
Further Symptom Management in COVID-19 patients - Treatment Approaches and Alternative Routes (version 1, June 2020) (PDF File - 702k)
Peri & Post-death COVID-19 care at home (version 1, May 2020) (PDF File - 342k)
Essential PEOLC in the COVID-19 pandemic (version 2, June 2020) (PDF File - 209k)
Visitor Limitations to hospitals and palliative care units in the COVID-19 Context (version 1, August 2020) (PDF File - 224k)
Bereavement and the COVID-19 pandemic (version 2, June 2020) (PDF File - 252k)

ANZSPM Guidance Document on Palliative Sedation Therapy

ANZSPM has produced a guidance document on Palliative Sedation Therapy.

DownloadANZSPM Guidance - Palliative Sedation Therapy - 2017 (PDF File - 258k)